Birth Certificate Registration Online

Birth Certificate Registration Online

Birth Certificate Registration Online 2024. An Innovative Solution to a Vital Need. In Ghana, birth registration is an essential process that establishes a child’s legal identity and citizenship. It is a fundamental human right enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Ghanaian Constitution. Birth registration provides a child with a legal identity, enables access to basic services, and protects them from exploitation, abuse, and neglect.

With the advent of technology, birth certificate registration can now be done online in Ghana, making the process more accessible, efficient, and convenient for parents. In this post, we will explore how you can register for your birth certificate online and how to check your application status

Documents required for your Birth Certificate Registration Online

Below are some of the required documents that will need to register for your birth certificate online

  • Your Baptismal Certificate
  • Clinical Weighing/Notification of birth card
  • Old Birth Certificate
  • An affidavit from one of the parents (only minors – those below 18 years)

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Procedure to Apply for Your Birth Certificate Registration Online

Follow the steps below to register for your birth certificate online

  1. Visit the e-Services Ghana website
  2. Click on Signup
  3. Enter your required details
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter your verification code sent to your phone number
  6. Click on Continue to login
  7. Select the Find A Service tab
  8. Click on the Individual tab
  9. Select Births, Deaths & Marriages 
  10. Click on Apply
  11. Select your Region and Location
  12. Click on continue
  13. Select Late Registration of Birth certificates
  14. Select 5 years and Above
  15. Pay your Service Charge

Complete Your Birth Certificate Registration Online  form

  1. On your dashboard click on the invoice 
  2. Select invoice generated
  3. Make payment using your preferred payment Method
  4. Your form will be available for you to fill
  5. Fill out the form as accurately as possible (First Names, Last Names, Gender, Age Group, etc.)
  6. Upload Required files
  7. Congratulations you have applied for your birth certificate

Note: Without Payment, the Your Birth Certificate Registration forms will not be available

How to Check Your Birth Certificate Application Status

Follow the steps below to check for your birth certificate online

  1. Visit the Website
  2. Click on Check Application Status
  3. Enter your Phone Number
  4. Enter your Application Number
  5. Click on Log in to Continue

Contact Information of Birth & Death Registry (Head Office)

Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

Address: 2nd Liberia Road Ministries,

Accra P.O. Box M50 Accra E-services Ghana,

West Africa Telephone: 0302 66 8068 / 4383 / 2871

E-mail: [email protected]

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