DUT Student Portal

DUT Student Portal

Durban University of Technology – DUT Student Portal is a secure student information management system developed by the management of DUT to be used by students and staff for all academic and administrative activities.

The objective of this post is to assist both continuing and fresh students with guidelines on how to access the DUT student portal and log in to complete all available student activities from their DUT student portal account.

Benefits of the DUT Student Portal

Fully recognized Students of the Durban University of Technology will be able to complete the following academic activities online from the DUT student account;

  • Online Courses Registration
  • Access Semester Grades
  • Update Personal Information
  • Library Resources
  • Payments and Fees Information
  • Announcements and Notifications
  • Transcript Services

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DUT Student Portal Login 2024

Follow these guidelines to log into the Durban University of Technology (DUT) Mercury Portal;

  • Access the Durban University of Technology Student Portal
  • Enter your Student Number and PIN. Note: Your default password is in this format 9MMDD where MM represents your birth month and DD represents the day you were born. ie. If your date of birth is 26th May, then your default pin will be 90526
  • Click on the login button 
  • Wait for the system to authenticate and redirect to the dashboard

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Procedures for DUT Online Course Registration

These steps will guide you on how to complete your Durban University of Technology online course registration via the DUT Mercury Portal;

  • Visit the DUT Student Portal via www.mercury.dut.ac.za
  • Login with your Student Number and PIN
  • Click on the registration tap located on the sidebar to display all sub-menus
  • Read the regulations and click on I accept to confirm your consent
  • Click on the submit registration link
  • Review the registration information to ensure all details are correct
  • Click on the save button to proceed to the next phase
  • A list of courses for the semester will be displayed for you to select and register. Note: All mandatory courses will be automatically selected by the system.
  • Click on the save and continue button after you are done selecting your courses
  • A preview of all the selected courses with details will be displayed for confirmation
  • Click on the accept registration to complete your registration
  • The total cost of registration will be displayed on the next page
  • Follow the payment directives displayed on the page to complete payment for your registration. Note: Ensure you make the minimum payment required to complete your online registration process before the registration deadline.

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DUT Online Residential Registration Process

The Durban University of Technology has made it easy for new and continuing students to easily complete their accommodation registration process online without having to visit the campus solely for this purpose. These guidelines will assist you with steps on how to register for your accommodation online with the DUT Mercury Student Portal.

  • Visit the DUT Student Portal via www.mercury.dut.ac.za
  • Login with your Student Number and PIN
  • Click on the residence registration tap located on the sidebar to display all sub-menus. Note: Ensure your minimum registration fees are paid before you proceed with this process
  • Click on the rules and regulations to read and accept them
  • Click on Submit Residence Registration
  • Your allocated residence will be displayed on the page
  • Click on the year link beside the residence name
  • Click on I accept this registration to confirm
  • Click on the residence proof of registration link to print out your registration
  • Download this proof to your phone or computer and print out two (2) copies
  • Congratulations, on your registration has been successfully completed

Note: Once you are charged for a residence you cannot move to PA, the reason is that Financial Aid sends a template to NSFAS with details of your residence status, and this template cannot be changed or amended.

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DUT Contact Information

Address: P O Box 1334, Durban 4000
Phone: 031 373 2000 (DBN) / 033 845 8800 (PMB)
Email: [email protected]

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