GES National Prospectus for All SHS/TVET

GES National Prospectus for All SHS/TVET

Discover a list of approved items for new SHS students by the Ghana Education Service (GES) as part of the Harmonised National Prospectus initiative which was introduced to address uniformity across all SHS, TVET, and STEM institutions in Ghana. The new prospectus which was announced for boarding and day students is divided into three (3) categories which are basic needs, cleaning materials and personal items.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of all the required items on the new GES National prospectus for boys and girls entering the Senior High School as day or boarding students.

List of National Prospectus Items for 2024 /2025 Academic Year

Student Basic Needs

  • Hard Body Suit (wooden/plastic) Approximately
  • Chop Box (Wooden/Plastic)
  • Drinking Cup,1 plastic or stainless plate, and a set of cutlery
  • 4 Toiletries (1 Deodorant, 1 pack T-roll, toothpaste, toothbrush, Soap, pomade, and 2 packs of sanitary pads for girls)
  • Decent sandals (school’s specification) – No embellishment
  • A pair of leather slippers (school’s specification)
  •  Decent Sneakers (black or white)
  • 2 Pair of Socks (school’s specification)
  • 1 Pyjamas/Sleepwear
  • Underwear (5 pants and 3 vests for girls, 3 boxer shorts or pants & 3 Singlets for boys)
  • 1 Plastic Bucket with Cover and Pail
  • RSV/NIV Bible/Quran and Hymn Book for Christians (School Specified)
  • A pillow covered with Mackintosh
  • 2 Students’ bedsheets with 2 pillowcases
  • 1 Blanket & Sleeping cloth
  • A Pair of Khaki Trousers
  • A Pair of White Trousers
  • White dress for ladies
  • 2 Check shirts / Dresses (Color depends on the school)
  • Student’s size mosquito net
  • 1 Schoolbag
  • 1 Mathematical Set
  • 1 Scientific Calculator
  • Standard Graph Book
  • 1 Hoe or Cutlass

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Cleaning Materials

Group 1 List of School items (A third of students)

  • A pair of Hand Gloves (Hard) Liquid Soap (5 litres)
  • 1Kg Washing Powdered Soap

Group 2 List of School items (A third of students)

  • 1 Bleach (small size)
  • 1 Dust Pan
  • 1 Long Handle Broom
  • 1 Scrubbing brush

Group 3 List of School items (A third of students)

  • 1 Standing Mop and Mop Bucket
  • 1 Duster
  • 1 Short Local Broom

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National Prospectus Items for Day Students

New SHS students who have been offered day residence status in any  of the Senior High Schools shall be required to report with the following items;

  •  Valid NHIS card
  • National ID card (Ghana card if any)
  • Two passport-size pictures
  • Photocopy of birth certificate / baptismal certificate if required by the school

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Personal Items

  • 1 Mathematical Set & Scientific Calculator
  • Decent sandals (school’s specification) – No embellishment
  • Decent Sneakers (black or white)
  • 1 Schoolbag

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