How to Apply For NSFAS Funding

How to Apply For NSFAS Funding

How to Apply For NSFAS Funding 2024. The NSFAS application portal has been activated for students to log in and apply for NFAS funding for the 2024 academic year. Students interested in applying for the NSFAS bursaries are to read the eligibility requirements before they proceed with their applications.

The objective of this article is to assist new students and returning students with a step-by-step guide on how to apply for NSFAS online the right way in order to ensure your application doesn’t get rejected. Thousands of applications are rejected every year because applicants did not follow the right procedure when filling out their applications online. It is one of the reasons we have put together this article to help you during your NSFAS application process whether you are applying as a TVET College student or a University Student.

NSFAS Funding Coverage and Benefits 2024

Students approved for NSFAS funding at the TVET College or University will be provided with the following benefits respectively;

NSFAS Benefits for University Students

  • Accommodation as per the actual costs charged by the university (costs for private accommodation must not exceed costs for university residence)
  • Transport (up to 40 km from the institution) R7 500  per annum
  • Living allowance R15, 000  per annum
  • Book allowances R5200 per annum
  • Incidental/personal care allowance of R2900 per annum for students in catered residences

NSFAS Benefits for TVET Students

  • Accommodation in an urban area of up to R24,000 per annum
  • Accommodation in a peri-urban area of up to R18,900 per annum
  • Accommodation in a rural area of up to R15,750 per annum
  • Transport (up to 40 km from the institution) R7,350  per annum
  • Transport R7000 per annum
  • Incidental/personal care allowance R2900 per annum

NSFAS Application Requirements 2024

Applicants interested in applying for the NFAS Funding must ensure they meet the following eligibility requirements;

  • Applicant must be a South African citizen
  • Applicant must be registered or intending to register on a PLP, NC(V), or Report 191 program at any of the approved Universities or fifty (50) public TVET Colleges in South Africa.
  • Must be in need of financial assistance (NSFAS will determine whether or not a student meets the financial eligibility criteria).
  • Returning students must demonstrate proven and accepted academic performance.
  • Must not be enrolling for a qualification that duplicates previous learning that was state-funded.
  • Applicants will qualify if they fall within the maximum threshold of up to R350,000 of combined gross family income per annum and are admitted/received a firm offer for enrolment in a College.

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Required Documents for NSFAS Application 2024

To apply for NSFAS funding, you will be required to upload original copies of the following documents in your NSFAS application portal;

  • A copy of your South African ID document. (Both sides of the smart ID must be provided)
  • A temporary ID issued by the Department of Home Affairs
  • Non-SASSA applicants must provide ID copies of parents, legal guardian/guardian or spouse,
  • Proof of income applicant and/or parents/legal guardian/spouse (where applicable (non-SASSA) should provide the latest payslip, not older than 3 months, UIF letter appointment letter, retrenchment letter (applicant and/or parent(s) legal guardian/spouse).
  • Your own cellphone number and email address
  • ID copies of parents, guardian, or spouse (If applicable)
  • Your proof of income or 1 year’s IRP5 (Note: no proof of income for SASSA grant recipient)

Note: ID number, Name, and Surname will be validated against the Department of Home Affairs database.

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NSFAS Allowance 2024

Applicants will enjoy the following allowance once they are approved for NSFAS funding;

  •  Allowances of students will be paid directly into the student’ NSFAS approved bank account.
  •  NSFAS funded students must complete the NSFAS direct payment onboarding process to
    receive payment into the student’ NSFAS approved bank account.
  • NSFAS will negotiate a student-based transaction fee on behalf of all students receiving NSFAS allowances, this will be reviewed from time to time.
  • A NSFAS funded student who receives personal care allowance ONLY may opt out of the negotiated transaction fee

How to Apply for NSFAS TVET Funding Online

Students interested in applying for the NSFAS funding are to follow these guidelines to submit their NSFAS application online; New applicants will be required to first create a profile on the myNSFAS Student portal

  1. Access the myNSFAS Portal Login
  2. Click on the myNSFAS tab
  3. Login to myNSFAS account with email and password (learn how to create your NSFAS Account)
  4. Click on the APPLY tab and complete the sections on the screen
  5. Upload required supporting documents where applicable
  6. Preview and Submit
  7. Congratulations, your application should now be submitted

2024 NSFAS Application Closing Date

The NSFAS application for 2024 is scheduled to start on 21st November 2023 and end on 31 January 2024

NSFAS Contact Information

For queries regarding payments and balances:
Tel No.: 08000 67327
Email: [email protected]

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