How to check e-zwich balance on phone

How to check e-zwich balance on phone

How to check e-zwich balance on phone.  e-zwich  is a smart card payment system that is mostly used by some notable government agencies in the payment and transfer of money. Some of the few institutions that rely heavily on the e-zwich payment are the Student Loan Trust Funds, National Service Scheme (NSS), Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), etc.

About e-Zwich

The key benefit of the e-zwich smart card is the ability of users to perform transactions from any e-zwich service provider or bank without the need of creating a bank account.

Advantages of the E-Zwich Card

  • The e-zwich has advanced identification and verification (Biometric)
  • The e-zwich card can be used to load or transfer funds electronically
  • The e-zwich card has a long validity period of 10 years
  • The e-zwich smart card is an account on its own
  • e-zwich can be used to receive payments from most banks across Ghana
  • e zwich is free to acquire without any charges

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How To Check Your e-Zwich Account Balance

  1. Visit any of the e-zwich accepted banks in the country with a valid national ID document
  2. Inform the teller you want to check your e-zwich balance
  3. Provide the required details to confirm your identity of the e-zwich account
  4. Your account balance will be checked for your free

How to transfer money from E-zwich to mobile money (MOMO)

You can transfer the money from your e-zwich account to your mobile money wallet using the following guidelines;

  1. Visit the bank where you were given your e-zwich card.
  2. Inform the teller you want to transfer money from your e-zwich account into your mobile money wallet.
  3. Your fingerprint will then be captured for verification.
  4. Provide the mobile number to which the money should be transferred. (MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo)
  5. You will receive an SMS alerting you of transferring funds into your mobile money account.

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