How to Download NSS Evaluation Form

How to Download NSS Evaluation Form

The NSS Evaluation Form is an official report form that is used by the National Service Scheme (NSS) to validate and measure your performance during your national service period. As service personnel, you shall be required to log in to your NSS dashboard and download the monthly NSS evaluation form.

Both you and your supervisor will be required to fill out portions of the form allocated respectively. It is the duty of your supervisor to validate and give remarks about your performance at your place of service.

You will be required to submit your NSS evaluation form to your NSS district office every month since this form will be required for payment of your NSS allowance.

Download NSS monthly evaluation form

You can download your national service scheme (NSS) monthly evaluation form using the following procedures:

  1. Log in to your NSS dashboard
  2. Click on Monthly Assessment Form from the options.
  3.  A PDF copy of the form will be displayed.
  4. Click on the download button to save your form.
  5. Print the downloaded evaluation form and submit it to your supervisor for validation and remarks

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Download NSS Annual Evaluation Form

Download and print your National Service Evaluation form using the following steps

  1. Log in to your NSS dashboard 
  2. Enter your Email Address used during the registration
  3. Enter your Password (NB: The default password is your NSS PIN CODE in upper case)
  4. Confirm details
  5. Click on Print your Annual Evaluation for the processing of your NSS Certificate
  6. Send the NSS annual evaluation forms to your Supervisor to complete the assessment forms.
  7. Send the completed assessment form to your NSS district office for final approval

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