TSC Online Payslip

TSC Online Payslip

TSC Online Payslip. Explore and download the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) payslip online. The TSC portal allows all eligible teachers of TSC to access, download and print their monthly payslip online using the TPay online platform which is accessible via the Tpay.co.ke. Aside from downloading and printing payslips, users can also access other online resources such as their P9forms, updating of personal records etc.

How to register for TSC online payslip

The registration process for the TSC payslips used to be online but in recent times, all candidates are required to visit their local TSC county office to manually complete the registration process.

Once you complete your registration, you will be provided with a TSC number and a password. You will need this number and password to log in to your TSC portal to access your payslip online.

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Features of TSC Tpay Portal

The Teachers Service Commission Tpay Portal allows users to complete the following activities on the platform

  • View, Download and Print your current Monthly Payslip
  • Send your payslips to (Banks and SACCOs) financial institutions
  • View third-party transactions
  • Change your login password
  • View payslips,
  • View and download P9 forms

Login to TSC Payslip online portal

  • Access the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) portal via https://tsc.go.ke
  • Click on online services from the menu link
  • Click on the TPay option from the list
  • Enter your TSC username and password on the next page
  • Enter an answer for the provided security question
  • Click on the login button

Access, download, and print the TSC payslip

  1. login to your TSC portal account
  2. Click on the latest Payslip link to view the current month
  3. Select the Months Tab on top of the page to view the previous month
  4. Click on View Payslip
  5. Click the Print Tab to save the file as a PDF or Download.

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Reset TSC Tpay Payslip Portal

  1. Access the TSC portal account reset page
  2. Enter TSC Number
  3. Complete the form with your detail
  4. Provide a valid email address
  5. Click on the Reset Password Button
  6. Reset procedures will be sent via your email

Note: Always keep in mind the secret question and reset your password by clicking forgot password on the login page.

TSC Payslip Terms and Meaning

Below are some common terms you will come across on your TSC payslip and their meaning.

SWAsSocial Welfare Associations. They form part of the third-party deductions and include BBFs (Burial and Benevolent Funds), SACCOs, and Teachers’ Unions. For deductions to these third parties to be effected, you must authorize them, online.
Provident FundThis shows the amount you are contributing to the new Superannuation pension scheme.
Ins-PThis is a short expression for Insurance Provider. Some teachers have registered with private insurance companies and remit funds to them via the TSC check off system.
Sac-LAn acronym for SACCO Loan. This is the amount of salary committed to offset a SACCO loan.
Com-L  This means Commercial Loan. Shows the amount of salary slashed to offset a commercial bank loan.
Sac-SThe funds are checked off a teacher’s salary on a monthly basis towards his/ her savings at the SACCO.


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