Bomet University College Courses

Bomet University College Courses

Bomet University College Courses 2024. The University College has expanded in terms of Infrastructure, Human and Library Resources so as to adequately support the Approved Academic Programmes, Teaching, Training and Research. In this post we will explore the courses offered by Bomet University College and how to access your admission portal.

Bomet University College Courses 2024

Below is the list of courses offered by Bomet University College

Postgraduate Academic Programme

 School Of Arts And Social Sciences

1. Doctor Of Philosophy In Communication Studies
2.Doctor Of Philosophy In Religion
3.Doctor Of Philosophy In Philosophy
4.Doctor Of Philosophy In Economics
5.Doctor Of Philosophy In History
6.Doctor Of Philosophy In Linguistics
7.Doctor Of Philosophy In Literature
8.Doctor Of Philosophy In Political Science And Public Administration
9.Doctor Of Philosophy In Geography
10.Doctor Of Philosophy In Kiswahili
11.Doctor Of Philosophy In Sociology
12.Doctor Of Philosophy In Anthropology
13.Master Of Philosophy In Communication Studies
14.Master Of Arts In Religious Studies
15.Master Of Arts In Linguistics
16.Master Of Arts In Literature
17.Master Of Arts In Medical Anthropology
18.Master Of Arts In Philosophy
19.Master Of Arts In Theatre
20.Master Of Arts (Economics)
21.Master Of Arts In Gender Studies & Development
22.Master Of Arts In Public Administration And Policy
23.Master Of Arts In History
24.Master Of Arts
25.Master Of Arts In Geography
26.Master Of Arts In Kiswahili (Translation, Linguistics, Literature)
27.Master Of Arts In Sociology
28Master Of Arts In Anthropology
29.Master Of Science In Counselling Psychology

School Of Education

30.Doctor Of Philosophy In Educational Psychology
31.Doctor Of Philosophy In Language Education (English/Literature)
32.Doctor Of Philosophy In Educational Communication And Technology
33.Doctor Of Philosophy In Philosophy Education
34.Doctor Of Philosophy In Sociology Of Education
35.Doctor Of Philosophy In History Education
36.Doctor Of Philosophy In Educational Management
37.Master Of Education In Educational Psychology
38.Master Of Education In Guidance And Counselling
39.Master Of Education In Educational Administration
40.Master Of Education In History Education
41.Master Of Education In Language Education (English/Kiswahili)
42.Master Of Education In Curriculum Studies
43.Master Of Education In Philosophy Of Education

School Of Business And Entrepreneurship

44.Doctor Of Philosophy In Business Management
45.Doctor Of Philosophy In Agricultural Economics
46.Master Of Business Management (Mbm)
47.Master Of Business Administration
48.Master Of Science In Agricultural Economics And Resource Management
49.Master Of Science (Project Planning & Management)

School Of Pure And Applied Sciences

50.Doctor Of Philosophy In Analytical Chemistry
51.Doctor Of Philosophy In Biostatistics
52.Doctor Of Philosophy In Biostatistics Or Epidemiology
53.Master Of Science In Analytical Chemistry
54.Master Of Science Epidemiology & Biostatistics
55.Master Of Science In Pure Mathematics
56.Master Of Science In Public Health

 Post Graduate Programme

1.Postgraduate Diploma In Education


Undergraduate Programme

1.Bachelor Of Arts (Penology, Correction And Administration)
2.Bachelor Of Arts (Music)
3.Bachelor Of Arts (German)
4.Bachelor Of Arts (French)
5.Bachelor Of Arts (Psychology)
6. Bachelor Of Arts In Political Science And Public     Administration
7.Bachelor Of Education (Science)
8.Bachelor Of Science (Applied Statistics With Computing)
9.Bachelor Of Science (With Education)
10.Bachelor Of Science
11.Bachelor Of Science (Strategic Management)
12.Bachelor Of Science (Counselling Psychology)
13.Bachelor Of Science ( Agricultural Economics And Resource Management)
14.Bachelor Of Science (Agricultural Extension & Education)
15.Bachelor Of Science (Microbiology)
16.Bachelor Of Science (Entrepreneurship Studies)
17.Bachelor Of Science (Environmental Health)
18.Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science)
S No.

Diploma Programme

1.Diploma In Public Administration
2.Diploma In Human Resources Management
3.Diploma In Business Management
4.Diploma In Public Relations
S No.

Certificate  Programme

1.Certificate In Public Relations

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How to Access the BUC Admission Portal

Follow the steps to access the Bomet University College Admission Portal

  • Visit the BUC Website
  • Locate the students tap
  • Click on Students
  • Select Admission Portal 
  • You will be redirected to your admission portal page

Bomet University College Contact


P.O Box 701-20400


Bomet County





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