NWU Self-Registration Process

NWU Self-Registration Process

Discover the North-West University – NWU Self-Registration portal and log in with your Student Number and PIN to complete your semester course registration activities online. Both Fresh and returning students are required to complete a mandatory semester course registration using the guidelines outlined in this article.

NWU Self-Registration Online Procedures

Follow these steps to register your NWU Units online from your North-West University Student Portal account;

  1. Visit the NWU Self-Registration Portal at https://studies.nwu.ac.za/studies/registrations
  2. Click on the Register Online button
  3. Enter your Student Number and PIN (Note: First years will receive an SMS regarding their PIN )
  4. Click on the Login button
  5. Click on the Self-Registration option from the menu
  6. Enter the registration year (NB: Registration year must be the current year for registration)
  7. Click on the register button to continue with the registration process
  8. Click on the next button  to proceed
  9. Review your qualification information on the next page (Eg. Qualification level, Curriculum, Campus, mode of delivery). Most of the data are shaded and you are not allowed to make changes yourself – You can update your details after registration at http://diyservices.nwu.ac.za/personal-details-service
  10. Select all modules for the current curriculum. Refer to your Year Book for further guidance where elective modules are indicated and select accordingly.
  11. Click on the next button to proceed
  12. Read the Agreement and Accept to proceed with your registration
  13. Proof of Registration will be sent to your e-mail address that you have provided

Important Notice

  •  Remember to check the class and examination timetables on the web to ensure there are no clashes.
  • You will only receive your proof of registration if your finances are in order. If your minimum fees for registration are not paid yet, your registration will only be conditional.

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How to Create NWU Student PIN

Students without a North-West University – NWU registration portal PIN are required to provide their details to create a PIN with these steps;

  • Visit the NWU Self-Registration Portal
  • Click on the Create PIN and Enter your University Number and Date of Birth if you don’t have your PIN
  • Click on the next button to proceed
  • Fill out the security information form with your details
    • Student Number
    • Initials
    • Surname
  • Enter your new PIN and confirm your entry (Note. Your PIN must be 5 characters or more)
  • Click on the next button to create your PIN
  • Congratulations, your PIN should now be created successfully

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