TSC Online Application

TSC Online Application

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has commenced the recruitment process of qualified teachers as part of the commission’s recruitment exercise for 2024. This year’s recruitment aims to employ over 36,505 teaching and non-teaching staff spanning multiple grades such as T-Scale C3 to Grade D for teaching roles and T-Scale D2 to D5 for administrative roles.

Interested and qualified teachers are required to check the TSC application requirements and how to submit their application online using the TSC Recruitment Portal by following the guidelines outlined in this article.

Documents Required for TSC Online Application

Applicants of the TSC Teachers recruitment exercise are required to upload original copies of the following documents when applying for the TSC online recruitment;

  1. Your  ID or Passport
  2.  KRA pin
  3. Payment evidence (Bank Draft)
  4.  GP 69 medical letter
  5.  Certificate of Good Conduct
  6. Transcripts in one PDF
  7. Passport photo
  8. Affidavit if any of the names differ or missing in the documents
  9. certificate for persons with disability
  10. clearance commission of higher education

TSC Online Application Process 2024

Follow these steps to apply for the Kenya Teacher Service Commission (TSC) teachers recruitment online;

  • Visit the TSC application portal
  • Fill out the registration form with all the required information
    • Passport Number
    • Surname
    • phone number
    • KRA PIN
  • Select your Category (ie. ECDE, Primary, Post Primary)
  • Provide answers to the questionnaires
  • Select your KCSE, KCE, KACE, EACE, EAACE Mean Grade
  • Select the Year of the Exams
  • Click on the Next button to complete another form with your details
  • Preview your details for any errors and Submit the form
  • An email will be sent to your email with details of your registration status
  • Congratulations on completing your TSC registration

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How to Log into TSC Recruitment Portal

You can access the TSC portal and log in to your account with the following steps:

  • Visit the TSC Website at www.tsc.co.ke
  • Click on the online services link from the menu and select Teachers online
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on the login button
  • Wait for the system to authenticate and redirect to the account

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Steps to Check Your TSC Registration Status

Candidates who have created a TSC account and submitted their application online can check the status of their TSC registration with these procedures;

  • Access the TSC registration status portal
  • Enter your TSC ID or Passport Number 
  • Click on the search button 
  • The search result will display the information about your TSC registration status on the page

Note: Applications for TSC registration  are processed within 30 days from the date of submission.

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TSC Application Guidelines 2024

All persons submitting applications for the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) recruitment are to follow the directives outlined below;

  • A non-refundable registration fee of Kshs. 1060 must be deposited to the TSC Registration Account
    • TSC registration account: National Bank of Kenya (Direct Banking to A/C No. 01001000905001 )
    •   Banking using Pay Bill Business Number 625625 is required for processing your certificate
  •  Ensure you have Bank Deposit Slip before proceeding with the application
  • Scan and upload only the required original documents
  • Applicants are to note that it is a serious offence to willfully give false information to the Teachers Service
  • Applicants are to note that the TSC does not accept paper applications
  • For duplicate certificate applications a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2060 must be deposited to the TSC Registration Account. (National Bank of Kenya Direct Banking to A/C No. 01001005707400).

TSC Recruitment Contact Information

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